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>How can a station be sold without real estate?  
Obviously, there is no need to transfer the studio or office facilities, as
you can set up a radio studio or a radio station office most anywhere that
you can get ac power and phone lines. If you can get a truck to the site to
deliver fuel oil or propane gas, you don't even need ac power. And with
microwave and satellite communication you don't really need phone lines either.

The transmitter is a bigger problem. For directional AMs in particular,
there is often no suitable site other than the one the station occupies. If
the seller won't convey the real estate, the buyer leases it, often at rates
so high they preclude any possibility of the station ever making money.
Selling the station and leasing the TX site is a way for an owner of an
unprofitable station to turn it into a money maker. The buyer must pay the
rent. If he doesn't, the seller gets the station back and is in a position
to snare another sucker.

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